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Hop Protocol
Hop is a Layer-2 general token bridge, allowing users to send tokens from one rollup or sidechain to another within minutes and without waiting for challenge periods.
Ultra-rare generative art + music NFTs. Utilizes a combination of royalties distribution, bonding curves, and staking mechanisms.
Dream Machine
"Unlock your subconsious". Artist NFT.
Holiday sweater NFT.
Treum helps businesses build trust with their customers by bringing transparency, traceability and tradability to supply chains. We also launch YOLO NFTs.
Panvala is a decentralized foundation that helps fund the work that the whole Ethereum community depends on.
Crypto Product Lab
The mission of CPL is to move beyond theory and discover the limits and real properties of novel cryptosystems by observing them in production, and using that data to improve them through design and engineering.
Token-Curated Registries
A token-curated registry is a decentralized list which uses an intrinsic token to incentivize users to curate the list's contents judiciously.
ConsenSys is a global organism building tools, applications, and infrastructure that enable a decentralized world.